Wedding Shoes for Brides & Bridesmaids


Roccamore Vanessa Bridal Wedding Shoes

Popular Ivory Wedding Shoes

  • High Performance High Heel
  • Romantic and feminine wedding shoes
  • Scandinavian designed. Handmade in Italy
  • Top quality calfskin Italian leather
  • Beautiful silk lace keeps your foot secure
  • State of the art memory foam adjusts to your foot’s shape
  • Specially designed Arch stabilizer helps distribute weight for support and weight distribution
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“For my big day, I wore them for the ceremony, the reception, dinner and dancing.” -Michelle

Blue Louise

Blue Louise Bridesmaid Wedding Shoes

The Perfect “Something Blue” Wedding Shoes

  • High Performance High Heel
  • In Vogue European shoe
  • Finest Italian suede leather
  • Stylish silk lace keeps your foot in place
  • Optimum 7cm heel to walk as anatomically correct as possible
  • Non-slip insole material to keep your foot from sliding when walking
  • Special orthopedic insole
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“I have never rested my foot on such a comfortable insole.” -Roseann

This is why these high heels are comfortable. 


High performance high heels are shoes known for their increased support in key areas such as the heel, arch, and ball of the foot. They also are engineered with footwear technologies to help with shock absorption to reduce foot fatigue and increase endurance while walking.

High Performance High Heels are scientifically validated for being more comfortable than standard 4inch heels.


Roccamore Shoes Insole Technology

A study by Hvidovre Hospital’s Orthopedic Surgery Department in Denmark revealed Roccamore shoes reduces pressure by 19-26% more than a normal stiletto in the forefront and 44% more in the arch areas of the foot.  This offers almost the same arch support as sneakers rendering a more balanced pressure distribution while walking.

One Perfect Wedding Day, Two Ideal Wedding Shoes…

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