“Comfy high heels are made in the lab!”  -Sasha Charms

Cole Haan Grand.OS

Grand.OS is an operating system engineered for the foot’s considerable demands.


Modern operating system and design:

  • Lightweight – modern and lighter footwear materials
  • Flexible – mimics your foot’s natural flexibility
  • Extra Cushion – responsive cushioning provides energy return which reduces fatigue and improves underfoot comfort

Ilene Berg Gold TM

Made with careful attention to detail, Ilene Berg’s patented German engineered technology is a system keenly architected to reduce the impact and stress of the foot with every step you take.  Ilene Berg understands the importance of a well balanced heel-from the heel to the ball of the foot-and is introducing revolutionized comfort elements.

IB Sole TechnologyKey Technology Features

Sole Technology
– constructed similar to a pneumatic system to shock absorb and help put a bounce to your step

Toe Bed – allows for extra room in toe area to help prevent toes from being squished

Comfort Stretch Material – expands with your foot’s comfort needs (great for wide feet and people with bunion problems)

IB Plush Ultra Cushioned FootbedPlush Ultra Cushioned Footbed – extra cushioned with 5mm of material from the toes to the heel to provide extra foot support for the entire foot

Reduced Slope – supplies the sensation of walking on a lower heel while reducing gravity impact on the ball of the foot

Slip Resistant Outer Sole – helps you walk more confident with every step you take

Reinforced Heel – provides reinforcement for principal balance

Roccamore Logo

Made with Danish high fashion design and world class Italian craftsmanship, Roccamore, alongside the help of an orthopedic shoe maker, has championed a high heel technology which forces the foot to walk as anatomically correct as possible while providing unparalleled comfort when walking in high heels.

Key Technology FeaturesRoccamore Technology
  1.  High quality Italian leather for luxurious look and feel
  2.  State of the art Memory foam which adjusts to the shape of the foot
  3.  Non-slip insole material to keep your foot from sliding when walking
  4.  Heel shock impact reducer for longer wear
  5.  Specially designed Arch stabilizer for support and weight distribution
  6.  Specialized inside cushion for the ball of the foot and middle bone
  7.  Breathable latex designed to help with airflow to the foot
  8.  Shock absorbent latex aids the foot against ground impact every time you take a step
  9.  Leather lining for a luxurious wear

Sargossa Logo

Intelligent Design

Sargossa Intelligent Design

Together with the knowledge of the top foot surgeons and engineers, Sargossa’s stilettos are each beautifully designed and master crafted with a patent pending insole made of the most elite compounds, providing you the ultimate high heel wearing experience.

Key Technology Features
  1.  Butter soft genuine leather for a sultry and luxurious feel
  2.  Ultra soft insole with added cushion of comfort built to take pressure off the foot and provide you postural support
  3.  Perfectly formed heel which declines at the optimum level for ultimate comfort and stability
  4.  Glove fit design provides structural support to your foot so you can walk assertively and elegantly
  5.  Shock absorbing cushioning layer for a much longer and more comfortable wear
  6.  Medical graded memory foam for optimal cushioning and support
  7.  Bouncy spring pad aids in taking pressure off the foot for a more enjoyable walking experience

WANDERIL LogoWanderology Patented Technology

WANDERIL’s high heel shoes are integrated with:

3A Technology – The Automatically Adjustable Arch Support conforms to a foot’s shape and aids in balancing and distributing weight more evenly across the foot, avoiding suspension of the arches and creating enhanced stability and comfortability overall.

Sollegel – The Soft Gel Cushioning for the forefoot serves as a shock absorber and minimizes the impact with every step.

WANDERIL 3A and Sollegel Patented Technologies


WANDERIL tested its 4in high heels with standard heels in two studies:  Pressure Distribution Assessment and Electromyography (EMG) Assessment.

Pressure Distribution Assessment:  The results indicated the standard heels exhibited more direct pressure (shown in red) on the ball of the foot than did the WANDERIL heels.  Additionally, WANDERIL heels had better pressure distribution across the foot.

WANDERIL Pressure Distribution Assessment ResultsElectromyography (EMG) Assessment:  The analysis revealed WANDERIL shoes have greater shock absorption and more superior sole support than the standard 4in heels.  It also showed the impact on the foot was lessened (shown in blue), and the energy used by calf muscles was reduced by over 60%.

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