Serafina by Roccamore


Serafina by Roccamore

This European fashion pump is made in plum suede with an accent patent leather strap fitting accross the foot.  This perfectly formed heel and shoe will have your feet walking as anatomically correct as possible, thus helping you be on your feet for extended long hours happy and comfortably.


Color:  Plum
Material:  Suede Leather
Heel Height:  7cm / 2.8in

Why is this shoe so comfortable?  Roccamore Technology

Sasha Recommends for:

– Size:  True to size.  Choose your same size.
– Narrow to Regular Foot Width
– Medium to High Arch
– Increased Heel Stability
– Extended Wear
– Extra Padding/Cushion
– Secure Fit
– Orthopedic Insole
– Special Ball of the Foot Support

    1. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner)

      I bought these shoes not knowing what to expect with the added pad underneath and all but decided to take a chance because I fell in love with the color. I’m pleased to say that the shoes were a great purchase! The first time I wore them was on a wine tasting trip to Napa. I figured if I bought them for comfort I might as well put them to the test and they passed! As I walked up and down rocky hills, cobble stone roads, tile stairs and all kinds of terrain my foot felt stable and secure the whole time. The added cushion underneath the ball of my foot took a little getting used to but as I walked on unstable ground I realized it’s purpose. I really felt like I could run in these heels and after my all day trip my feet weren’t throbbing I didn’t need a foot massage and my heels were still intact minus the little scuffs here and there. So far I’m please with my purchase and so are my feet!

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