Blue Louise by Roccamore


Blue Louise by Roccamore

Romantic, elegant, and classy defines this wearable “ballerina” high heel.  Wear it to a wedding, cocktail reception, or any special event and radiate in supreme comfort!  PS- The beautiful silk lace straps keep your feet secure and in place.


Color:  Blue | Cream
Material:  Suede Leather
Heel Height:  7cm / 2.8in

Why is this shoe so comfortable?  Roccamore Technology

Sasha Recommends for:

– Size:  True to size.  Choose your same size.
– Medium to High Arch
– Increased Heel Stability
– Extended Wear
– Extra Padding/Cushion
– Secure Fit
– Orthopedic Insole
– Special Ball of the Foot Support


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    1. 5 out of 5

      I love this shoe! I am a size 8 in US sizes and this high heel fits me just perfect. I went dancing on these heels last Friday night and I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were to dance in and how my foot didn’t fatigue in the 4 hours I was dancing. I highly recommend this shoe to anyone who wants to stand or walk in for long hours. These are the most comfortable high heels you will ever own.

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