FAQ Try at Home


What is the Try at Home service?

The Try at Home is a shoe concierge service.  You can shop for shoes in the comfort of your own home for a small concierge service fee.

Is the Try at Home service a subscription model?

Thankfully, the Try at Home program isn’t a subscription model.  There are no sign-ups or reoccurring charges like other Try at Home services.  However, we charge a concierge service fee for a 3 day try-on period.

Can I wear the shoes during the 3 days?

Absolutely!  Choosing the right size is important.  Make sure you walk on a carpeted area or rug to prevent any incidental damages.


What is the concierge service fee?

There is a small one-time non-refundable concierge service fee of $20.  For this price you can choose up to 2 shoes with free shipping both ways.  Not a bad deal at all, right?

What is the Try at Home checkout code?

Checkout with code TRYATHOME20 and pay $20 for trying-out up to 2 pairs of shoes.

Do you offer sales or discounts?

Yes, with the Try at Home service you automatically get a 15% discount if you love and keep both pairs of shoes.  You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and get VIP Offers and Free Shipping on all purchases.  Sign-up at the bottom of our Home Page.

When will I be charged for what I keep?

If the return shipping label is activated before the end of the 3 day trial, you will be charged only for the items you kept, once we receive your return package.  We will assume you kept all items if the return label isn’t activated by the end of the 3 day trial.  You will be charged accordingly.

Why do you need my credit card?

We require a credit card authorization in order to ship you merchandise.  This means you won’t be charged unless you keep any merchandise.

Will I be charged if I return everything?

Yes, you will be charged the non-refundable $20 concierge service fee.  You will not be charged for shoes as long as they are returned in original, unworn condition with all packaging and dust bags included.


Is there a cost for shipping and returns?

Fortunately, there is no cost to you for the shipping or returns under the Try at Home service.  Stiletto Charm covers the shipping to/from for you.

How many days do I have to try-on the shoes mailed to me?

You have a generous 3 days to try-on and decide which shoes to keep or return.

How do I return shoes I don't want to keep?

A prepaid return shipping label is included for you.  Just pack the shoes in the original shipping box, tape on the label, and drop-off at the nearest FedEx location.

What if I'm not able to return the shoes in the 3 day period?

In the 3 day period you will get reminder emails, so don’t worry.  If for any reason you can’t meet the 3 day window, please contact us at immediately.  We will work with you to determine a resolution.

If I keep any shoes, can I return them later?

Yes you can.  You will have 7 days from the date of purchase to request a return for a refund or exchange.  However, we cannot accept returned merchandise that is worn, damaged, or altered.

Is the Try at Home service available to customers outside the U.S.?

Unfortunately, the Try at Home service is only available for customers in the contiguous U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and all offshore areas).  However, International customers may purchase directly through the site and checkout successfully.


How can I contact Customer Care?

For any questions contact us at