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Do you have wide feet and would like to know which brands carry a selection of high heels for wide feet?  Or do you suffer from sweaty pretty little feet and need help on which labels make breathable, comfortable insoles?  Could you be curious about what technologies make plushed insoles with arch support for those high arched sexy feet?  Do you need more support on the ball or heel of your foot or are you simply looking  for the right comfortable pair of pumps?

Let us know your concerns and what you are looking for. There is no right or wrong question.  Rest assure, we do our research and provide you with our best recommendation.  We work closely with designers, scientists, and their teams to best understand their technologies and how they perform.

Don’t be shy.  We want to hear from you, so ask away!!!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      The size depends on which shoe you are inquiring about…

      In which shoe you are interested, so I can best lead you to the right size.


      — Sasha

  1. Hello CelesteZ:

    Given your concern, I think heels with postural support and arch support will be of help…

    Check these out:
    Stephanie by Ilene Berg Or any shoe in the Stephanie Collection

    Daniela by Sofia Z

    Samara by Ilene Berg

    Lucy by Roccamore

    If you see a trend here, you’ll notice heels with postural support- with a T-strap, ankle strap etc. We believe that with postural support you wont strain your hips as much and you’ll walk more confident. For a medium arch, you need some support as well. These shoes have the combo features of arch and postural support. We hope this helps, CelesteZ!

    If you have any more questions, let us know!

    — Sasha Charms

  2. Dear Sasha,
    I have metatarsalgia, terrible ball of foot pain. Basically, all I wear is flat shoes and I need a spongy cushion. I cannot even walk around the mall or to the subway stop unless I am wearing padded sneakers. Not even regular flat shoes like Tieks. I can wear them at work as long as I am not on my feet more than a few minutes. Which of the shoes do you think would be best for me? I have medium/wide feet with a slight bunion on the left and like I said major pain on the metatarsals. Gel inserts do not help. Super thick foam helps and running shoes. HELP!! I am ruining great outfits with ugly, homely orthopedic looking sneakers! Can you say YIKES?!!

    1. Hello Robin,

      Uuuuugh, so sorry about that ugly sense of pain on the ball of your feet! When I was reading your post it almost sounded like I was reading my own story… Luckily, my metatarsalgia re-appears only when I wear the wrong kind of shoes and it lasts for about 2 weeks at a time… But it sounds like your metatarsalgia is chronic, correct? First, I must say, please go to a podiatrist and get your feet analyzed. You might get a prescription for orthopedic inserts custom made for your feet to help with your chronic metatarsalgia… Most of these inserts can also be worn in several styles of high heels and can help with your foot pain.

      Secondary to the latter, if you are still persistent in wearing high heels with comfort technologies, I recommend mainly 2 brands for you:

      1. Ilene Berg Shoes with Patented Technology- These shoes have an extra thick 5mm layer of plushed cushion on its footbed, from the heel to the toe box area. Also, they have comfort stretch materials on the sides of the ball of the foot for people with bunnions. Additionally, they are engineered with a reduced heel slope to distribute your weight as evenly as possible to help reduce the pressure and weight off the ball of your feet.

      Look into these shoes in particular:
      a. Stephanie All Black by Ilene Berg
      b. Samara Black by Ilene Berg
      c. Claire Black by Ilene Berg

      Avoid slingbacks and try to go for heels with postural support to help avoid straining your feet as much as possible. Heels with ankle straps, t-straps, any heel with coverage in the upper, will also help with this…

      2. Next, I recommend Sargossa with Intelligent Design Patented Technology- These heels come with medical grade memory foam, extra cushion for the ball of the feet, a bouncy spring pad to help with shock and pressure on the ball of the feet and most of their shoes have a great upper which help with postural support.

      Check out these heels in specific:
      a. Redefined Black by Sargossa
      b. Redefined Khaki by Sargossa
      c. Inspire Black by Sargossa

      3. Other Shoes you might like which also have a cushioned footbed and postural support:
      a. Black Mambo by Roccamore
      b. Black Lucy by Roccamore

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      I hope this helps, Robin…

      If you have more questions, we are here to help!

      — Sasha Charms

  3. What about heels for genetically born males who are mtf? Hip structure during growth will have shaped differently… I personally have noticed certain heels hurt the hips later on whilst others don’t… most mtf girls are still learning the “correct” hip sway… from a design stand point is that something would possibly addressable with extra padding say in the heel arch area?

    Love the designs so far… I want all your wedges… my personal fav style..


    1. Hello CelesteZ!

      I understand your hips hurt more with some heels than with others, is this correct? If so, first let me state, Sasha Charms, Stiletto Charm nor its affiliates aim to provide medical advice. But what we can do is refer you to our shoes which could be a better solution, given your concern.

      My hunch is you could be walking more stiff on some heels than with others. We ladies tend to do this when we don’t trust the heels we’re walking on- either because the heels feel like they could slip off, they are not flexible enough to ergonomically move with our foot’s natural movement, or they don’t have an outer sole grip and feel slippery… All these reasons and many more may be why one could walk stiffly on pumps, affecting the bones and muscles in the hip area.

      Before I give you my heel suggestions, I need to know some information to best direct you to the right shoes and technologies:

      1. Is your arch- flat, medium, or high arched?
      2. What is your shoe size?
      3. Do you need extra room in the toe box area?

      — Sasha Charms

    1. Hi Teresa, thank-you for your question! The answer is YES- we feature designers who build heels with a wider toe box and incorporate flexible materials in them to stretch with your foot’s needs.

      In particular, check these out!
      1. Ilene Berg Shoes
      Ilene Berg’s Patented Comfort Technology

      2. Sofia Z Shoes
      Sofia Z Cushion Rebound Technology

      Keep in mind these designers as they are definitely your go to source for your pretty wide feet!!! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away!!!


      –Sasha Charms

    1. Hello Iris!

      Thank-you for such a beautiful compliment on our site! We are consistently making tweeks and upgrades to provide our fans that user-friendly experience… Thank-you for visiting and liking us! We love you!!!

      About your question regarding if we only carry 4 inch heels? We have lower heels in the 3 inch range like the Nude Evaline by Roccamore.

      The Evaline is comprised with a 3 inch heel and 1 inch enclosed platform. The shoe feels like a kitten heel, (due to its reduced slope), yet gives you the added height of a traditional pump because of its awesome concealed and comfortable platform and its beautiful heel length.

      We plan on featuring lower heels in the 3 to 3.5 inch range. And they will be comfortable toooooo!

      We are all about our fans? What would like to see more of on our site? Let us know!!!

      Thank-you Iris,

      Sasha Charms

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