Sasha CharmsWelcome, Stiletto Dolls!

This forum is specially made with you in mind and dedicated to all the beauties who love high heels and have trouble finding cute and comfy ones.  Hello, My Dolls!!!

While at Stiletto Charm we believe Chic is subjective, and alike, Comfortable is also a matter of opinion, we know ONE SIZE may not fit all.  We aim to help you take the guessing factor out of the equation by bringing to you only the best in style and comfort via comfort technologies.  We strongly believe a high heel shoe can be comfortable only with the help of science and technology, otherwise it may not be comfortable.

Whether you have wide feet, bunions, high arches, sweaty feet, or simply foot fatigue, Stiletto Charm is your new best friend!  Our brilliant designers have your concerns in mind when designing and producing a new pair of heels.  If for some reason you don’t know what type of heel would best suit your foot type, you can simply reach out to me in the Ask Sasha section, and I will guide you through the fun process of choosing your first pair of heels!

The Stiletto Charm team is specifically hands on with the selection process of each brand and shoe inducted into our site.  We conduct meticulous testing and screening processes to ensure we feature the best in class.  Because we’ve done all this footwork for you, all you have to do is choose the right size and successfully checkout!  If you are not 100% satisfied with your shoes, we will refund or exchange your order according to our Orders and Returns policy.

Wearing high heels can be fun again!  Check out our featured cute heels and learn more about why they are so comfortable!  CLICK HERE

Meet Sasha Charms:

At the forefront of Stiletto Charm is Sasha Charms, Social Entrepreneur and Blogger. She is the voice and global ambassador to our campaign – High Performance High Heels.  At the age of 23, Sasha had her first visit to the podiatrist, where she was diagnosed with “plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia”.  Her doctor mentioned these are some of the symptoms of which women who wear heels often complain.  The doctor ordered her orthopedic insoles and asked her to stay off heels for 12 weeks.  This is the moment Sasha made a connection and realized she wasn’t going to stop wearing heels, but she needed to make alterations to her current lifestyle to stay healthy.

Since, Sasha not only still wears heels and is obsessed with carrying dazzling flats wherever she goes, because she just never knows when her feet will give up and when she will need the flatsies to the rescue; but also she has become increasingly judicious about finding, selecting, and fitting into cute and comfortable heels.

“Finding sexy and comfortable heels was like searching for a needle in a haystack,” Sasha Charms says.  “They were really hard to find before, and now Stiletto Charm brings them to you.  You too can shop them in ONE FORUM, here!”

Join us in this crusade.  Together we can advocate to compel designers to create more fashion-forward, comfortable pumps!!!

Thank you for being part of this mission, Stiletto Dolls.  Join Us, Follow Us, Like Us, on Social Media and let’s get the party started!!!

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