Stiletto Charm is a small retail startup in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.  We work with the best footwear designers worldwide who develop the smartest and most comfortable heels in fashion – High Performance High Heels.  We offer a quick, convenient checkout process and easy returns.  Try on a pair!  Shop HereSargossa Inspire Black Patent


High Performance High Heels are shoes with distinct structural properties to help the woman walk as anatomically correct as possible.  They are engineered with comfort technologies which provide key support in the heel, arch, and ball of the foot areas.  With this much detail and attention to the foot, designers are able to make fatigue resistant and gravity defiant high heels which are wearable for hours on end.

High Performance High Heels are scientifically validated for being more comfortable than traditional 4 inch heels.



We carefully select the brands inducted into the Stiletto Charm offering.  First, every shoe brand MUST solve a footwear problem through the application of a comfort technology.  Secondly, we select heels which are aesthetically pleasing to the fashion-forward woman.  This formula ensures us we offer the best in design and comfort.  No other retailer focuses on what we do.  So, welcome to your new favorite shoe store!  Bookmark this site, and tell your friends all about it!



At the forefront of Stiletto Charm is Sasha Charms – Social Entrepreneur and Blogger.  She is the voice and global ambassador to the campaign, High Performance High Heels.

Sasha Charms states:  “My online search for comfortable heels took me on a merry-go-round.  All I saw were links to ‘grandma comfort brands’.  It took me weeks to compile the brands which offered a new approach to beautiful, fashion-forward, and walkable high heels.  I thought there had to be an easier way to shop for these types of high heels.  It is when I realized there needed to be a marketplace for High Performance High Heels.  This is the birth story of Stiletto Charm.”

“Finding trendy all-day heels was like searching for a needle in a haystack in the worldwide web,” says Sasha Charms.  “They were really hard to pinpoint before, and now Stiletto Charm brings them to you in one site.”

Many brands claim their heels are comfortable; however, at Stiletto Charm we believe a high heel can only attempt to be comfortable with the help of science and technology.  Lots go into producing a high performance shoe:  careful consideration of the human anatomy, bio-mechanics, physics, and other elements.  Traditional heels aren’t made with these components in mind (except for design).  For this matter, Stiletto Charm approves High Performance High Heels as the ultimate seal of approval for designer wearable high heels.

“I want all women to know there is an option to wearing traditional heels which are painful and debilitating,” says Sasha Charms.  “Women can now wear high heels effortlessly with High Performance High Heels.”


Need help with choosing the right shoe, size, or simply have a question? Ask Sasha! Sasha is the expert and can help you with any question or concern.

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