12 Reasons Why Your High Heel Shoes are Uncomfortable

High Heel Shoes Uncomfortable

Ever wondered why it’s a challenge to find cute comfortable high heel shoes?  Guess what?  Most women struggle with this problem too; and the reason lies in your shopping habits.  Below are 12 reasons why the shoes in your closet are so uncomfortable.

1.  They are Not Made of Leather

Most bargain type or inexpensive shoes are made of man-made materials such as plastics. Think about what sturdy plastic can do to your feet when it’s rubbed on your skin repeatedly.  You can end up with blisters and burns.  Now think about the effects of leather (animal skin) on your human skin.  There would be less discomfort associated with leather shoes on your skin, because it’s a natural source on your natural skin.  For this reason, leather materials on your feet will always be the most friendly material on your skin.

2.  They Don’t Have Postural Support

Oftentimes when a shoe doesn’t have upper support or some type of strap to keep the foot in place, the shoe becomes uncomfortable to wear after a few hours.  The reason is, if the foot doesn’t fit exactly on the shoe, one has to compensate physically to keep the shoe in place, or the shoe could slip off.  Have you ever cringed your feet and toes to keep those pumps in place?  Exactly!!!  This added effort on your part will cause you to overuse the muscles of your feet, causing foot fatigue the fastest.  To avoid this wear heels with some type of upper support.

3.  They are Too Thin

The thinner the heel, the harder it is to balance your walk.  The truth is not many women can handle stilettos gracefully.  Instead, look for heels that are chunkier or wedges which have more surface coverage for a more balanced step.

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4.  They Don’t Support Your Foot’s Key Areas

Your heels are not comfortable, because they don’t contain support in the arches, balls, and heels of your feet.  Most shoes don’t.  Click here to learn about the heels that do and are High Performance High Heels.

5.  They Make Your Feet Sweat

Do your feet sweat heavily in heels?  It could very much be that your shoes are made out of synthetic linings (plastics).  Buy shoes with leather linings.  Leather is a breathable material and will help with sweaty feet.  For more info on how to help sweaty feet in high heels, click here.

6.  They are the Wrong Size

Buying the right shoe size is as important as buying the right bra size.  Your foot must sit properly on the shoe when walking.  The rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t fit right upon the time of purchase, don’t insist on buying the shoe.  Here are tips to follow when purchasing new shoes.

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7.  They are Too Narrow or Too Wide

Your foot is best supported in a shoe when it fits not too tight or too loose.  A shoe has to fit just right.  If you have wide feet, look for brands that offer wider widths.  For narrow widths you can get away with most brands, especially if the shoe has some type of postural support.

8.  They are Too Heavy

Shoes that are heavy will promote foot, leg, and calf fatigue the fastest.  Choose heels that are lightweight.

9.  They aren’t Shock Absorbing

Shoe shock is one of the main reasons why feet hurt in heels after just a short amount of time of wearing them.  Look for shoes with extra padding especially in the balls and heels. You can also look for rubber or similar properties on the outerole of the shoe.  Too make it easier, we have compiled a list of high heels with shock absorbing properties.  Click Here 

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10.  You Wear Them for Long Periods of Time

High heels aren’t made to walk in for long hours.  If you happen to stay actively on your feet while in heels, take breaks in-between.  Sit down, or raise your feet (whenever possible).  Gravity and shock impact will excessively wear out your feet if you are on your heels for longer periods of time.

11.  Your Heels Need Repair

Take your heels to the shoe cobbler regularly for maintenance.  When your heel caps are shaving off to the side or your heels needs adjusting because they wobble, take your shoes to the shoe repair guy.  Getting your shoes back in shape will help you walk more confidently in them.

12.  They are Too Tall

Anatomically speaking, a shoe with a heel over 9 cm (3.5 inches) tall is too tall to wear.  The reason is your foot can only extend “naturally” at or under 9 cm.  Anything beyond that will over extend your foot which can cause foot damage in the long run.  Choose heels that are 3.5 inches or shorter for a more comfortable walk.

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Recommended Shoes

We’ve done your homework.  These shoes pass all 12 points of inspection discussed above. We highly recommend them.

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