Use This Simple Formula to Know Your Perfect Heel Height

Simple Formula to Measure Your Perfect Heel Height

While some women can wear sky high stilettos, the majority of women can’t wear them as gracefully.  The truth is most women complain of foot pain and/or discomfort hours into their high heels.  What if you were told you’ve been wearing the wrong heels this whole time?  I have something to share with you.  So, let’s get deeper into this subject and discover your perfect heel height (PHH).

The media is going frenzy over what Emma Supple, a Consultant Podiatrist, told the UK Daily Mail about a woman’s perfect heel height.  Supple believes she has discovered the formula for the perfect heel height, and it has to do with the shape of your foot.  Yes, you read correctly.  It has to do with the shape of your foot.

A Consultant Podiatrist’s Observation About the Foot’s Anatomy

Supple explains the ability to wear high heels has to do with a bone in the foot called the “talus”.

“The measurement is based on the flexibility of the talus, the one bone which connects the foot and the leg,” states Supple.  “The talus is a strangely curved bone set on top and at the front of the foot, and the way in which it moves dictates how high a heel you ought to wear.”

Bones of the Human Foot

Supple explains, “If the talus tilts downwards when you are holding your leg out straight and relaxing your foot, then you have a lot of mobility and can wear high heels with ease. Your foot can move up and down much more.  But if your talus doesn’t tilt, then you will be more comfortable and far happier in flat shoes.  Flatter shoes give a right-angle to the ground and don’t require as much movement from the foot.”

“Some women are simply built for wearing sky-high heels, while others will be uncomfortable in any size of heel.  Some women find heels unspeakably uncomfortable, and there’s nothing they can do about this.”

Furthermore, Supple mentions your PHH is the height of heel for which your foot is most comfortable based on the anatomy of your foot.

The Perfect Heel Height Formula

Supple says any woman can find her own individual measurement with this formula:

1.  Extend your leg and relax your foot to test the flexibility of your talus bone.

2.  Measure from the bottom of your heel (A) to where the ball of the foot bends (B).

3.  The distance between (A) and (B) is your Perfect Heel Height.

Kelly at Alterations Needed shares her measurements…

How to Measure Your Perfect Heel Height

A Side Note

Emma Supple recommends a maximum heel height of 3 inches high, even though some women are comfortable with higher heels.  Their measurements suggest 4 or 5 inches is perfect.  However, Emma further explains wearing high heels higher than 3 inches tall can affect posture, promote low back pain, and lead to hammer toes.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Here are a few simple tips for you, if you try this yourself.

Grab a piece of white paper, pen/pencil, and measuring tape.

1.  Lay the side of your foot (ankle side down) on a white piece of paper.  Make sure your foot is 100% relaxed.
2.  Identify the two foot areas you are to measure.  If it helps, label the areas with a pen and draw two dots (one dot on each part).
3.  Draw two straight lines (as in image), one for every dot.
4.  Measure the lines:  the distance from the bottom of your heel to where the ball of the foot bends.
5.  This is your PHH.

Tell Us Your PHH

I would like to know if this formula works for you or not.  Would you please share your PHH results with us and the entire Stiletto Charm readership?  In addition, please let us know if you agree or disagree with the results based on the type of heel height you are most comfortable wearing.

Thank-you so much, and I look forward to learning more about you and your results!

Please chime in on the “Comments Section” below.

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  1. My measurement was way over 3”, but my question is, “If a women is over 50 years old, is it appropriate for her to wear 3” heels?.”
    Another question would be, “If the woman has lower back pain often, should she wear 3” heels to a cocktail party or wedding reception?”
    Finally, is it normal for feet to start hurting after an hour of standing and walking in 3” heels?
    (Stiletto heel not chunky heel)

  2. Hi ladies, this is Sasha! I though I should comment as well…

    So, I went ahead and used the help of a piece of paper to help me with taking my measurements. I felt taking foot measurements in the air (with no extra help) was a bit challenging…

    I have a 6.5 US size foot with a high arch. Using the measuring example in the blog post, I got a PPH of 3.75 inches.

    My opinion about the formula results and the actual heel height in which I can comfortably walk in is close. When I wear traditional heels, I am most comfortable with a 3 inch heel. When I wear High Performance High Heels, I can go as high as 5 inches with a platform. I guess it depends on which type of heel I’m wearing, in this case.

    Tell us about your results! What is your PPH?

    Excited to hear about your measurements!

    — Sasha