NEW Patented High Heel Technology Will Have You Walking on Air!

Have you ever worn heels for over a few hours and felt your feet killing you so much you needed to find the next chair available?  What was hurting you the most… the balls of your feet, your heels, your bunions, or your cramped toes in that toe box? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to just walk on air?  Well now you can!

Fortunately, there’s a shoe designer who understands very well the beating our feet take in heels and has partnered with leading engineers and medical professionals to patent a world class high heel comfort technology with a pneumatic compression system.

Ilene Berg Shoes Patented Comfort Technology
Ilene Berg Patented Comfort Technology

Showing up to our interview so beautifully with hair and make-up done, in a tank top, shorts, and heels, Ilene Berg talks to us openly and candidly about her new Patented line of Ilene Berg Shoes.

Let us introduce you to Ilene Berg and her shoe line, Ilene Berg Shoes with Patented Comfort Technology

SC:  Ilene Berg, our fans are fascinated about your NEW Patented line of high heels.  How did the conception of shoe designing start with Ilene Berg?

IB:  Five years ago it was becoming more and more difficult for me to find shoes that fit and didn’t cause any sort of debilitating pain.  Specifically, while at my son’s Bar Mitzvah, my shoes were painful, and I literally couldn’t walk.  I thought there had to be something better.  I did my research.

I noticed there weren’t a whole lot of options in the marketplace for a high heel that was comfortable.  I never spent more than $200-$300 on a pair of shoes, but I would have had I found one that was really comfortable.  Even the ones that touted comfort just weren’t comfortable… So I looked around and found shoes at $500 or even $2,000 a pair, and I realized that some of these shoes I couldn’t wear for more than two minutes and that even those shoes hurt.  I said there has to be something better out there… So this is how I started with the concept and came up with a patented technology!

 IB Lynne All Black SnakeIB Stacey All BlackIB Stacey Black Suede
Lynne Black Snake by Ilene Berg
Stacey All Black by Ilene Berg
Stacey Black Suede by Ilene Berg

SC:  Tell us about the idea behind your shoe designs.

IB:  The idea was I wanted to design basic, simple shoes which anyone could wear interchangeably with different outfits and styles.  In essence, I wanted to design heels that were great for work, for the soccer mom, for a stroll on the town for fun, or even great for a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah.  I designed two styles of slingbacks, a peep-toe ankle strap, and a pump.  Then I knew I wanted to make a bootie and created what is now the popular “Samara Bootie”.


IB Samara Black
Samara Black by Ilene Berg

SC:  Who are the type of women who wear your heels?

IB:  The women who wear our Patented Ilene Berg Shoes are women of all ages who wear high heels and want a healthier option and more comfortable option than the heels found elsewhere.  Some of my customers are women who have wider feet and need extra toe space, have problems with bunions, or need extra comfort on the ball of the feet, among other issues.  And for this, we have made our Patented High Heel Technology to help address these common footwear concerns.

SC:  Your shoes are aesthetically and beautifully crafted.  Tell us about their production.

IB:  Our shoes are made in the same factory as Cole Haan Shoes and where other high end shoes are produced… Here, our shoes are made with excellent eye to detail where critical quality standards are measured in the process, from start to finish.  They are made with premium leathers and materials by expert professionals in the footwear industry.

 IB Stacey Nude Patent
IB Claire Nude Patent
Stacey Nude Patent by Ilene Berg
Claire Nude Patent by Ilene Berg

SC:  What is it about Ilene Berg Shoes’ technology that women rage about?

IB:  When you look at some of the comfort shoes in the market, some are really thick cushioned.  I wanted more than to create extra cushion in the footbed.  I wanted to create a technology that no one could see, an invisible technology, and one that when women put their feet in the shoes, they could physically feel the comfort.

Ilene Berg Shoes Comfort Technology is German engineered… We worked with a German engineering and design firm as well as medical craftsmen and shoe craftsmen from Germany, Italy, Brazil, and China to bring our ideas to fruition.  We started by sharing our ideas with the team, which then led us through the multi-step process of R&D, initial paper designs, models, prototypes, samples, and finally production.  Throughout the way we lab tested for extreme heat, water immersion, and wear-step testing.  We also had test users wear test the shoes over extended periods of time, and their feedback led us to our final designs.

Our Exclusive Patented Ilene Berg Shoes Technology consists of these KEY Components:

1. Ball of the Foot Air Compression Technology:  This is a pneumatic system (air-filled) that when you step on it, it gives you a push back.  This technology is setup to serve as a shock absorber and help with fatigue resistance.

Ilene Berg Patented Comfort Technology
Ilene Berg Patented Air Compression Technology


2. Thick Padding:  Okay, we have that too.  We incorporate a 5mm cushion, and women rave about how well-cushioned our shoes are.

 IB Stephanie All Black IB Stephanie Red IB Claire Black Snake
Stephanie All Black by Ilene Berg
Stephanie Red by Ilene Berg
Claire Black Snake by Ilene Berg

3. Stretch Panel:  This side stretch panel is Patent Pending and helps women who need a wider toe area due to bunions, calluses, or blisters.  This stretch panel expands for the women who need that extra toe box stretch and doesn’t stretch for those who don’t need it.

4. Decreased Slope:  We lowered the slope, allowing the ball of the foot to feel as if you’re walking on a lower heel.

5. Reinforced Heel:  The heel is screwed to the shoe, so there is no wobbling around.  This feature creates stability for the wearer.

6. Slip Resistant Outersole:  This key feature provides superior traction, helping with walking securely on any surface.

SC:  Where can we see Ilene Berg in the next five years?

IB:  We want to expand and in the future work with large retailers who carry quality shoes at our price range.

To:  My Stiletto Dolls

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to talk to the CEO and FOUNDER of Ilene Berg Shoes.  The concept of creating a pneumatic technology in high heels is revolutionary!  With Ilene Berg Shoes Patented Technology, a Stiletto Doll can feel assured she’ll feel an abundance of shock absorption on the ball of the foot every time she takes a step.  Do you understand what this means, my lady?  This means that due to the Patented Air-Filled Pneumatic Technology System in these heels, you can literally bounce on air every time the ball of your foot takes a step!  Imagine this ladies… You can now wear 4in heels and feel like you’re walking on air…

 IB Stacey BlackIB Stephanie Black
Stacey Black by Ilene Berg
Stephanie Black by Ilene Berg

And for those Dolls with wider feet or with bunions who always dreamed of a comfortable high heel, Ilene Berg Shoes are the heels for you!  Finding cute heels with a wider toe box is so difficult.  But with Ilene Berg Shoes, you don’t have the grandma shoe selection. Instead, you’ll find sleek, stylish, and modern heels engineered with unparalleled comfort all around.

Ilene Berg Shoes with Patented Comfort Technology retail from $248-$275.  If you ask me, I whole-heartedly believe they are worth much more.  For some, these shoes may hit their price point, but for others it can be a stretch.  No matter where you stand, I highly recommend these shoes as they are worth every single dollar.

Until Next Time!

— Sasha Charms

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