The Dangers of High Heel Shock Impact on Your Body

Dangers of High Heel Shock Impact on Your Body

Runners require highly cushioned shoes with superior shock absorption properties for a much more comfortable and lasting run.  But what about women who wear heels?  Why is it that most high heels have no padding or cushioning?  Yet, women are required to walk in them all day long.  Why are the hardest to walk on shoes the least supported ones?  Let’s talk about high heel shock impact, how it affects the body, and how High Performance High Heels, also known as comfortable heels, could be of help in high heel shock absorption.

What is Shock Impact?

Shock impact is when your foot hits the ground and your body gets a jolt of high-impact. Mainly, your musculoskeletal system, the spine, hips, knees, ankles, feet, bones, ligaments and tendons, is affected.  Repeat shock impact can lead to wear and tear over time and require surgery or alternative methods to repair.

When walking in heels, shock impact happens every time the heel strikes the floor (contact phase) and every time the balls of your feet hit the ground to propel forward (propulsive stage).  Runners, athletes, and high heel wearers should be especially aware of shock impact and the dangers it poses to the body with time.  Proper shoes for the occasion is recommended.  See What are High Performance High Heels.

Phases of Gait

Food For Thought:

On a heel 3 inches high, you load 76% more pressure on the forefoot than on flat shoes.  This pressure force is in addition to the shock impact you already absorb on heels… Wonder why traditional high heels can be so debilitating?

High Heel Pressure on Forefoot

You Have Natural Fat Pads in Your Feet

If you check your feet, you will notice you have natural/organic foot shock absorption. You will see layers of extra tissue on the balls of your feet and your heels.  You were naturally born with these fat pads.

Plantar Fat Pads of Foot

These fat pads protect you from day to day walking and shock impact that comes with it. However, they don’t protect you from high impact that can come from running, sprinting, lifting weights, or even walking in heels.  Plantar fat pads get thinner with time, and you will need better supporting footwear with age.

High Heel Shock Impact Creates Injuries

People who are involved with high impact activities such as running, jogging, and HIIT or those who wear heels are most prone to shock impact injuries.  Those wearing high heeled footwear can suffer injuries such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Morton’s neuroma among others.

Plantar Fasciitis

Traditional High Heels vs High Performance High Heels

The majority of the heels in the market (traditional heels) are made with a minimal layer of mid-soles and insoles with little to no cushion, as seen in the images below.

Traditional Heels

The images above describe four different shoes:  inexpensive, mid end, premium, and luxury.  They all have one thing in common.  They all have thin insoles.  Do you see any heel, arch, or ball of the foot support (padding/cushion) in any of these heels?  These are the kind of heels that will kill your feet in no time and potentially debilitate or injure you long term.

High Performance High Heels

High Performance High Heels, also known as the New Era of Comfortable Heels, are heels known for their support in critical foot areas such as the arches, balls of the feet, and the heels.  Most of them come with shock absorbing properties in the form of air, foam, gel, latex, and/or coil technologies.

Sasha Recommends:

If you must wear high heels for any occasion or are an avid high heel fashionista, I recommend you steer away from the traditional high heels (which have minimal to no shock absorption properties).  Instead, either wear flats or heels under 3 inches tall.

But if you must wear heels taller than 3 inches, make sure you wear High Performance High Heels.  These heels are engineered with comfort technologies to help your feet walk as anatomically correct as possible and are constructed with shock absorbing properties to reduce body shock impact and premature fatigue.

High Performance High Heels

Blue Louise is handcrafted by the finest shoe makers in Italy.  This suede leather pump boasts of luxurious comfort with its unique insole technology.  Its specially designed insole is built with 360 comfort in mind.  Your feet will feel supported from the heel to the arches to the balls all because of the way the insole is designed.  Walk longer and last longer in these heels than any other traditional high heel.

Shop Blue Louise


The Samara is a leather bootie which comes in either the color black or caramel.  Its patented air technology allows you to take a step in the air first before hitting the ground = outstanding shock absorption!  And this bootie has an extra thick layer of cushion on the entire shoe (from heel to toe) which will comfort your foot as if you’re walking on pillows.  This bootie is one of the most comfortable stiletto booties you could ever own.

Shop Samara Bootie

The Redefined Grey is a classic suede leather bootie with beautiful cutout accents.  The magic is in its comfort technology.  Redefined has a bouncy springpad and a layer of medical grade memory foam.  They all work together as a unit to reduce shock impact, so you can have a more enjoyable walking experience without the fear of your feet giving up on you too soon (as with traditional heels).

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