20 Things You Shouldn’t Do in High Heels

Woman in Yellow Dress At Office Falls Down Stairs

There are things better done in flats or in sneakers.  But for the fashion-forward lady who loves to wear her heels no matter what, she may find this article beneficial.  These are the 20 Things You Shouldn’t Do in High Heels.  Read on, Doll!

1.  Don’t Walk Downhill

If you’re in a place like San Francisco, California, the last thing you want to do is park downhill just to walk to your favorite restaurant in your fabulous heels.  Walking downhill is exceptionally dangerous in heels (especially the 4 inch and above ones).  With a heel that steep, one is already walking at a decline, and the propensity of falling off your heels or twisting your ankle is high.  The safe bet is to wear flats downhill.

2.  Don’t Walk on Uneven Pavements

Have you ever walked over some cracked pavement and almost lost balance in those stilettos?  Well, I have fallen almost every time.  For this I recommend to always scan the walking surface ahead of you.  No, don’t walk with your head down but always with your head up looking ahead for any uneven pavement.

3.  Never Yacht on Heels

My Caribbean and Miami ladies, leave those heels at home when you plan to enjoy the yacht life!  Think about how slippery the floor surface of a boat can get with spilled drinks or even with splashes of bay water on it.  Plus, think about the motion of the yacht when it’s being operated.  It’s truly a challenge to keep that balance in those heels.  The recommendation is to wear shoes with good outer sole traction.


4.  Be Careful When Wearing a Long Dress

Long gala dresses are beautiful to wear with heels.  Simply be careful about stepping on your dress as you may fall and fall literally on your face.  Choose the length of your dress smartly, and before purchasing it try it on with heels.  Walk in your heels and dress, and if you feel confident in them (that you will not trip over this long dress), then this is the ensemble for the night.

5.  Don’t Carry Anything Over 20 lbs

Almost as if 130 lbs on the balls of your feet isn’t enough, be even more judicious on adding more weight to your feet while on heels.  If you must carry additional weight on you, let it be under 20 lbs and for a short amount of time.

6.  Don’t Drive

Your driver’s side has a small boxed area for your feet to move from the gas to the brake pedals.  When wearing heels make sure they aren’t too bulky, heavy, or blocked so that you lose control of which pedal you are to press.  Car accidents can happen when wearing the wrong types of shoes.

7.  Don’t Workout in Heels

Have you heard about the craze of working out in heels?  Allegedly, one can workout and define those calves, thighs, and glutes best in heels.  I am here to tell you, “Stay off them as you are more susceptible to an injury sooner than later.  Heels aren’t made for working out.”

Woman in Dress and Heels Doing Legpress Workout at Gym

8.  Don’t Take Heels to the Beach

As much as you want to look taller and have your glutes raised while at the beach, don’t bring your heels to the beach.  It is so uncomfortable to walk in those heels when you are drawing sand in them and sinking in them every step you take.  Worry about relaxing, having fun, and sun bathing.  It’s not a fashion show at the beach.

9.  Don’t Take Your Heels Off

Even when you think your heels are killing you, don’t take them off to walk on the carpet, pavement, floor, or etc.  You don’t realize the health risk you could be running by walking barefoot in these public places.  Know that if you have a blister or any type of open wound on your feet and you walk barefoot, you are exposing your feet to bacterial infections or even a fungal infection.  For this matter always carry your dazzling flatsies for when your feet give up on you.  Keep those pretty feet healthy and off the floor!

10.  Don’t Attempt Heels on Ice or Snow

I have seen this in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe during winter time where fashion forward women wear heeled boots, and they fall on the ice and snow.  Wear appropriate boots in ice or snow, ladies.

11.  Don’t Go Shopping

Ha, you probably didn’t think I would say this!  If you are on a hunt for that perfect dress, suit, or shoes, remember that you may have to go from mall to mall, store to store, and city to city to find exactly what you are looking for.  And if you are in heels the entire time, your shopping experience may be trunked by foot fatigue, and you may want to give up on your search prematurely.  For this, bring comfortable heels or shoes which you know will help you on your shopping spree.

12.  Don’t Attend a Kid’s Birthday Party

Moms, if you know you’ll be having to run after your little angel at a kid’s party, please wear comfortable shoes.  Looking beautiful in those heels while your little rascal is tearing down the party is not appropriate.

13.  Don’t Ride a Motorcycle in Heels

Where are my motorcycle ladies!!!  I know some of you ride your bikes looking triple sexxy!  Do it, but just don’t bring along the heels for the ride, as they could pose a safety hazard and get stuck in your bike.  Instead, have them stored in your back compartment for when you’re ready to walk to the party!

Woman Wearing Black Leather Pants Next to Motorcycle

14.  Don’t Run on Slingbacks

Slingbacks can be so untrustworthy.  If you’re going to be on the go, don’t run in slingbacks as they can easily slip off when you least expect it.  For these busy days, I recommend strapped heels.

15.  Don’t Wear Heels During a Labor Intense Day

If you know you will be on your feet for hours on end, refrain from bringing heels to work that day.  Try wedged heels or kitten heels if you must wear heels.

16.  Don’t Take Strappies to the Airport

Don’t be that lady who takes forever at the airport security gate.  Bring slip on heels or pumps with no straps to take off and on easily while at the security check point.

17.  Avoid “Heavy” Heels During a Long Night

Heavy heels are very taxing on your feet.  They promote foot fatigue really fast.  If you plan to be on heels on a long night, think of wearing comfortable heels that are lightweight and have shock absorption properties.

18.  Don’t Get Ready in Heels

Use your “getting ready time” wisely.  The sooner you put on those heels, the sooner you will experience foot pain/fatigue.  For this matter, put on your heels when you’ve parked and you’re ready to walk to the venue.

19.  Don’t Bend Over in Heels

Lol!  Have you ever tried this?  Please don’t!  You will literally fall over!  The right way to bend over in a skirt/dress is by moving your legs away from your audience (to the left or right) while bending your legs to a tight squat.  This way your heels aren’t faced forward, and you won’t tilt over.

20.  Don’t Walk Through a Construction Zone

To my sexy architect ladies- don’t wear your heels to construction zones.  Keep them at the office!  You can easily walk on a nail and get sent to the Emergency Room for stitches and a tetanus shot.  Keep in mind, you must wear those ugly construction boots on site!

Woman at Work Smiling on Construction Site

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