The 10 Types of Heels in Fashion

10 Types of Heels

Part of being a girl is knowing your fashion, right ladies?  Let’s review the 10 types of heels in the fashion industry:

1. Comma Heel

Comma Heels

Exactly like its name-the heel is shaped like a comma, yes that punctuation mark!  The Comma Heel can come in different forms-flaring inward or outward, yet in essence, this heel will relatively take after the look of a comma.

2. Cone Heel

Cone Heels

Similar to a Comma Heel, the Cone Heel is like an upside ice cream cone, wide at the base of the sole of the shoe and straight downward to the heel tip.

3. Spool Heel

Spool Heel

Also known as the Louis Heel, this heel is long and can be in the form of a Stiletto or even a Chunky Heel.  While it is long, it expands outward into a thicker curve toward the bottom of the heel tip, giving the lady greater stability when walking.

4. French Heel

French Heels

Like the Spool Heel where the bottom of the heel flares out, the French Heel is shorter.  It typically ranges between .5-1 inches long.  Consider the French Heel the Kitten Heel to the Spool Heel.

5. Kitten Heel

Kitten Heels

Shorter in stature, the Kitten Heel, or as many refer to it as the “Grandma Heel”, comes in many styles and usually is built into a 1-2 inch heel.

6. Chunky Heel

Chunky Heels

Don’t mistaken the wedge or the platform for a Chunky Heel.  The Chunky Heel is technically a thick heel, most likely a square heel on the back of a shoe and is considered to be the most balanced high heel in comparison to the Stiletto or traditional pump.

7. Pump Heel

Pump Heels

With a slightly thicker heel than the Stiletto, the Pump Heel ranges from 3-4 inches in height, has a toe box, and some have a low cut throat exposing the foot’s cleavage.

8. Stiletto Heel

Stiletto Heels

Slim, long, and sometimes pointy describes the Stiletto Heel.  This iconic heel can range from 4-8 inches tall, and compared to its counterparts, the Stiletto Heel is the most challenging to balance.

9. Wedge Heel

Wedge Heels

Shaped like a watermelon wedge, the wedge is the style of heel that provides the most coverage and stability for the entire foot than any other heel possible.  It comes in many forms-sandals, ankle strap, peep toe, tennis shoe… And it’s one of the most versatile and comfortable shoes to create.

10. Platform Heel

Platform Heels

The Platform Heel contains a section of added height on the ball of the foot ranging from .5-4 inches tall.  This section is called ‘the platform’, and it comes in two forms-concealed and exposed.  The concealed platform is usually covered and inside the shoe.  The exposed platform is attached to the shoe on the mid-sole or outersole.

Now that you know the types of heels in the fashion industry, discover the heels that make it to the Sexy and Comfortable List!


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