Comfortable Fall Fashion Meets Hi-Tech Heels

Comfortable Fall Fashion Meets Hi-Tech Heels

Looking your best doesn’t necessarily mean feeling suffocated in Spanx or in uncomfortable hard to walk on heels.  Here are some Fall Fashion ideas and stylish looks you can add to your closet.  Included is the Samara Bootie, a high performance high heel, also known as a comfortable heel, which will keep your feet happy longer than traditional high heels.  Let’s explore!

Fall Fashion:  Daytime Casual

Samara Caramel Bootie with Fall Fashion AttireGet cozy with a trendy wrap-around plaid jacket.  Pair it with dark skinny jeans or leggings and a suede wide brim fedora hat.

Samara Caramel Bootie with Knit SweaterDress up your favorite pair of blue jeans with a tan kimono knit sweater!  Bedazzle the look with golden accessories:  a leather brown belt and your favorite wristlet bag.

Fall Fashion:  Business Casual

Samara Caramel Bootie with Fall Fashion AttireWhen dressing for Casual Friday, play around with your casual wardrobe.  A tip is to wear black or dark blue jeans, a cotton striped navy shirt, and a tan blazer.

Samara Caramel Bootie with Cashmere SweaterPlay with Fall colors with your office casual attire.  Wear a colorful and playful collared blouse under your cashmere sweater.  Add a pair of skinny or boot cut pants.  Enhance the look with gold accessories.

Fall Fashion:  Evening Casual

Samara Black Bootie with Fall Fashion AttireLove black and white?  Elongate your legs with a pair of stretch skinny black pants.  Add to the ensemble an off-the-shoulder blouse with horizontal lines.  Use either silver or gold accessories to complete the look.

Samara Black Bootie with Black BlouseDress up in your rocker skinny jeans and glam it up with an off-the-shoulder black blouse. Add to your look a statement black bag and a pair of sexy, comfortable heels.

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Samara Bootie with Patented Comfort Technology

You can wear a cute and comfortable outfit, but if the shoes aren’t as comfortable, you will feel worn out in no time.

Ideal For Women with Wide Widths and…

When wearing heels, the most comfortable heels you will ever own are High Performance High Heels.  This bootie is ideal for women with wide widths and bunions.  Samara is made with a discrete side mesh panel which stretches and gives room for bunions to rest comfortably.

A Fall Fashion Must Have

The Samara Bootie is a great Fall Fashion comfortable high heel.  It comes in black and caramel colors.

As seen above, it pairs with almost every outfit idea.  The only place I wouldn’t take this bootie is to a RED Carpet Event or a Black and White Ball.  Otherwise, this bootie goes with almost anything you can imagine:  pencil skirts, skinny jeans, slacks, shorts, or even dresses.

Ilene Berg Shoes Samara Booties

Samara Bootie

Patented Ilene Berg Comfort Technology

Ideal for Wide Widths and Bunions

• Discrete side comfort stretch material for bunions
• Wider toe box helps prevent toes from being squished
• Air Technology System helps absorb shock
• 5x more cushion (than traditional heels) comforts the foot from heel to toes

AIR Technology

Samara Booties come with a pneumatic (air-filled) technology in the ball of the foot.  This means you step on air before making floor contact.  This serves chiefly in reducing gravity and shock impact on your feet, calves, and knees.  With this innovative technology, you can last longer on these heels than you can with traditional heels.  Traditional heels aren’t made with comfort in mind, but High Performance High Heels are.  Check out this awesome Fall Fashion Bootie and learn why it’s a favorite in women’s heels.

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