8 Ways to Wear Booties this Summer

8 Ways to Wear Booties

Booties are a classic way to style your clothes for any setting.  You can go from casual to trendy to fancy all depending on how you accessorize.  No matter with which outfit you pair your heels, make sure you wear High Performance High Heels for the maximum footwear comfort.  Here are 8 stylish ways to wear comfortable high heeled booties this Summer 2017.

1.  Floral

Florals are the Summer hot thing.  The Black Samara Bootie by Ilene Berg is a versatile bootie that can be paired with most prints including small and larger floral pieces. Match the Samara Bootie with an off the shoulder asymmetrical mini dress and walk confidently in this 4 inch stiletto leather bootie with 5mm of padded cushion (from the heel to the toes).  This shoe is a rare comfortable stiletto, and it’s powered by Ilene Berg Patented Comfort Technology.

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2.  Jeans

Who says jeans must be worn with sneakers or flats only?  Add extra flair to your jeans by wearing them with a trendy pair of Redefined Grey Suede Booties by Sargossa.  This bootie fits securely on your feet and has a bouncy springpad that acts as a shock absorber every time you take a step.  This helps the balls of your feet not fatigue as fast as they would with traditional heels.  This shoe is comfortable due to its Sargossa Intelligent Design Technology.

The Caramel Samara Bootie is a leather bootie finely crafted to give you that extra height while minimizing the pain that comes with traditional stilettos.  This bootie is also great for women with bunions or wide feet as it has a side mesh which stretches to accommodate those with bunions or wide feet.  Read more about why the Samara Bootie is a comfortable stiletto bootie HERE.

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3.  Evening

Warm evenings in the Summertime can be enjoyable when you are wearing breathable clothing and shoes!  I mean, who wants to be stuffy and sweaty, right?  For your evening attire, wear a pair of booties that is fashionable, breathable, and comfortable.  I recommend the Inspire Black Patent Bootie.  This shoe has a glove fit and is engineered with Sargossa Intelligent Design Technology for maximum comfort.

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4.  Bridal

Summer weddings are fun!  They are more fun when you wear the appropriate attire and choose to wear comfortable, chic shoes.  Check out the Redefined Grey Suede Bootie by Sargossa.  It’s a beautiful laser cut accent bootie designed with medical grade memory foam to help you stay on your feet longer.  Read more on its comfort technology.

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5.  Daytime

Why do the white and black when you can rock the white and brown look?!  The Caramel Samara Bootie by Ilene Berg is truly versatile.  You can wear this bootie with jeans or a dress, either dressed up or dressed down.  This bootie is very comfortable to wear.  It is engineered with a pneumatic technology system on the ball of the foot (the only one in its kind), and it prevents premature foot fatigue.  This means you can walk longer on this stiletto bootie.

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6.  Business Casual

Business casual means you can dress down a bit and wear open toed shoes, yeay!  Check out this Redefined Black Bootie by the London-based Sargossa.  Pair this leather bootie with a pair of white jeans or a pencil skirt.  This shoe will accent your wardrobe and have you looking fashionable and comfortable.  The Redefined Bootie is made with an ultra soft insole and butter soft genuine leather to help support a comfortable stride.  It is powered by Sargossa Intelligent Design Technology.

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7.  Greys

Natural, nude, and grey colors are in year round (some seasons most than others).  A woman should always have a pair of nude and grey pumps (in addition to the classic black pump) in her closet.  For this Summer mix in a pair of Redefined Grey Suede Booties to your wardrobe.  Ask yourself if the shoes you have in your collection are comfortable.  If not, snatch a pair of these very comfortable 4 inch grey laser cutout leather booties. Science experts designed these booties in the UK and engineered them to be some of the most comfortable booties in fashion.

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8.  Relaxed

Who says you have to feel uncomfortable when wearing heels?  Grab a blouse dress or some jeans and a relaxed sweater.  Flatter your ensemble with a pair of Black Samara Booties for that lengthy stiletto look or a pair of Redefined Black Booties for a chic European look.  Both shoes are comfortable.  It all comes down to your style.  What’s your style?

Black Blouse Dress with Samara Black BootieSHOP NOWWomens Relaxed Clothing with Redefined Black BootieSHOP NOW

Tell us what you think!  Which style do you most identify with?

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