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Hello Ladies… You have probably heard about an increasing number of retail stores going under, closing, or downsizing.  The reality is more and more people are shopping online within the comfort of their own home and going to the mall much less often.

The Downside of Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping, you don’t always get delivered what you thought you were purchasing.  Sometimes the fit may not be right, the quality may not be what you expected, or the color is not the same color you saw online.

Online Reviews Help Minimize the Risk of Buying the Unknown

When you purchase a product online, do you ever check out its product reviews?  If so, you might just be included in this online survey, which mentions 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions.

Customer Reading Online Reviews Before Purchasing

Online Reviews Give the Prospective Buyer Clarity on the:

– Quality, color, or consistency of the materials
– Sizing, volume, or proportions of the unit
– Strength, stretch, or fluidity of the garment
– Performance, stability, and durability of the product
– and much more…

The consumer is relying increasingly on online reviews before making a purchase.

Online Shopping and Shoe Reviews

Wouldn’t you agree you would have increased confidence buying shoes online if you could only get more information on the shoes you are wanting to buy?  For example, wouldn’t you want to know from an existing customer how well the shoe fits on a narrow or wide foot?  Or, wouldn’t you want to know about the levels of comfort the shoe provides, if that shoe is great for bunions, or if that heel is comfortable enough to wear for four hours straight?

Customer Reviews for Shoes Online

NEW Facebook Group

What is it?

1 to 5 Stars Rating SheetNew to Facebook is a group, the “Women’s Shoe Review Club.”  This group is for women to post reviews on the heels they’ve purchased.  These shoe reviewers rate their shoes based on comfort and performance.

What is the Group’s Purpose?

1. The goal is to build a large community of women who inform the club on the new heels in season (sometimes off season), critique them, and potentially recommend them based on their personal reviews posted in the group.

2. The club members gain insight on the shoes reviewed in the club, so when they are shopping (online or at the mall), they can make better purchasing decisions based on the brands, sizes, and comfort levels (and other criteria) shared through the shoe reviews in the club.

How it Works:

You can be a Spectator, a Shoe Reviewer, or both.

– A Spectator is someone who is part of the club but does not always post shoe reviews.
– A Shoe Reviewer is someone who posts shoe reviews whenever possible.
– Both Spectators and Shoe Reviewers are active either by liking, commenting, sharing, or posting.

Join the Women's Shoe Review Club

This is an Example of a Shoe Review

So for instance, if Jane purchased some heels recently and wore those heels over the weekend, Jane would take a pic of her heels and share her experience on the Facebook group.

Jane’s Shoe Review would look something like this:

Jane's Shoe Review

This is an example of a shoe review you could see on the Women’s Shoe Review Club (along with occasional high heel tips and hacks from the administrators of the group).

Join the Women's Shoe Review Club

I recommend you to join this new Facebook group.  This group is structured to be a reliable source of high heel reviews.  Its club members are encouraged to post dependable content, and its administrators are hand selected to moderate with quality information.

Join Women's Shoe Review Club on Facebook

Also, to preserve the integrity of this group’s intent (informational content), there will be no selling allowed.

The Women’s Shoe Review Club is private.  Please ask to join the group, and we will review your request.

Thank-you and we look forward to hearing from you,

— Sasha Charms

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