What are High Performance High Heels?

High Performance High Heels

High performance high heels are shoes known for their increased support in key areas such as the heel, arch, and ball of the foot.  In addition to support, high performance heels are engineered with shock absorption properties to reduce foot fatigue and increase endurance while walking.

Shoe Construction

These heels are constructed to distribute a woman’s weight evenly throughout the shoe to offload pressure from the ball of the foot toward the rest of the foot so she walks as anatomically correct as possible.

Why do High Performance High Heels Outperform Traditional Heels?

High performance heels are designed with specific components and technologies to minimize foot pain while enhancing the woman’s experience in heels; whereas traditional heels are not.  Traditional heels are made with only style in mind.  High Performance High Heels are made with Style and Comfort in mind.

High Performance High Heels are scientifically validated for being more comfortable than traditional 4in heels.

Why are High Performance High Heels Expensive?

High Performance High Heels are costly to engineer.  A team of bio-mechanical engineers, footwear technology experts, and specialized footwear designers are often recruited to engineer a high heel of this caliber.

Also, high performance high heeled footwear is created with top of the line textiles, fabrics, leathers and components, which most traditional heels don’t offer.  All these costs and others are added, and the finished product is a stylish, comfortable high heel.

Roccamore Insole TechnologyWhat is the Cost for a High Performance High Heel?

High Performance High Heels can range from $280 to upwards of $900+.  In this Forbes article, “Would you Pay Nearly $1,000 for Comfortable High Heels?”, one of the industry brands, Thesis Couture, is featured and talks about re-engineering the high heel to make it more comfortable.  Thesis Couture says its first line of shoes will start at $900.

Clearly there is a premium to pay for a more satisfying and pleasant step… But in this case, this is money well spent as you are paying for the quality and comfort only a high quality engineered shoe can provide that a traditional heel cannot.

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Where Can I Find High Performance High Heels Which Won’t Break the Bank?

Luckily, you don’t have to pay as much as $900 for a pair of High Performance High Heels. Stiletto Charm offers a selection of affordable high performance high heels between $280-$350, and the quality and comfort is similar to a pair of $500 or $1,000 shoes.  In fact, the shoes featured in Stiletto Charm have all been selected for style and comfort and are engineered with Patented Comfort Footwear Technologies, something traditional heels don’t have.

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Why is there Never a SALE on Stiletto Charm?

Quality “anything” is never on sale.  For example, have you ever seen a Rolls Royce on sale?  High Performance High Heels are made in limited quantities (just like high end cars) and are made to sell out.

Stiletto Charm, however, has special discounts for its subscribers, members, and VIPs. These discounts are held on a “hush and secret” fashion and offered by invitation only.  If you haven’t already subscribed to Stiletto Charm, do so and take advantage of these offers.  Subscribe Here

Why Shop at Stiletto Charm?

Stiletto Charm has the world’s only curated selection of High Performance High Heeled Footwear at an affordable price.  The online retailer works with the most talented designers worldwide to bring you the best in style and comfort.

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