Top 6 Heels for the Career Woman

Career Woman in Heels Walking to Work

Have you ever wondered why you find it important to wear heels for work even when they could be painful the entire day?  Do you wear those heels to make a fashion statement, to perhaps look taller and 7 pounds slimmer, or to simply feel attractive or empowered?  Think about it.  Why is it we wear heels during our busy workday when those heels can easily wear us down during important hours when we need to show concentration, ability, and agility to get the work done.

Have you thought if you could simply get away with wearing flats or sneakers?  I mean, could your boss get upset at you for wearing flats to work?  Perhaps not, but you still think you shall couple the ensemble with heels, right?

Meet Tina, one of Stiletto Charm’s fans:

She is a 37 year old mother of two, wife, and professional from New York City.  Her heels are on from the time she drops off her kids to school until she gets home from work later in the evening time.  Tina will tell you she works from her corporate office some of the time, but she also walks a lot getting to and from meetings within her building and other off-site meetings.  She also has lunch meetings, happy hour, or dinner meetings, and again she’s on her heels almost all day.

Career Woman in Heels with Kids

We ask Tina:

Q:  Why can you simply wear lower kitten heels or even flats to help you through your workday?

A:  I can’t, she says… I work in an environment heavily male controlled, and I need to stick out.  I use my femininity to show my appeal, control and power.  My heels remind me I’m a powerful woman.  I feel less attractive and less confident in flats, but heels bring out the strong and competent woman in me.  I feel I can rule the world in them, seriously.

Q:  How many heels do you own and what percentage of them have you worn during the last 6 months?

A:  I can’t answer that question, as I have tons of them!  I could probably say I have at least 40 pairs of heels, and I probably don’t even wear half of them!  My husband says I’m a shoe hoarder, but I refuse that title.  I simply have really cute shoes waiting to be worn some day.

Career Woman in Heels at Home

Q:  During the last 30 days, what are the top shoes you have worn consistently?

A:  I have two pairs of black 4 inch heels I wear at least three to four times per week.  One is a pump, and the other is a low cut bootie that looks great in slacks.  Then I have these nude pumps I wear when I can’t find other comfy shoes with which to pair my outfit. There are about three to four shoes I choose from, Monday through Friday, for work.

Q:  Are you understanding what we are getting to, Tina?  Out of 40 pairs of heels, you resort to your top three to four shoes on a day to day basis.  This means you utilize about 10% of the heels in your closet on a monthly basis.  What about the other 90%?

A:  I don’t know why I only go to those particular heels to wear for work.  I never knew I was doing this.  It simply seems natural that I wear specific heels for work.  And I think you’re on to something, Sasha.  These particular heels have something in common.  They are my more comfortable heels.

BINGO!  The moral of this story is women are most likely to go back to those shoes in which they had a more pleasant experience and will avoid wearing those in which they experienced some type of pain.  This theory is clearly explained in psychology, specifically through the research of our founding father, Sigmund Freud.  This article expresses Freud’s Pleasure Principle which states, “We seek pleasure and avoid pain.”  Freud claims human behavior will favor pleasure over pain, given a choice.  Have you noticed you subconsciously make choices on what’s the most comfortable to wear?  Think about your favorite pair of jeans or even that bra you wear all the time.  What do they have in common?

Ha, have we made a connection yet as to why you only wear those specific shoes all the time?  But what about all the other cute shoes you have in your closet?  Okay, let’s admit we all have those 90 percenters in our closet.  It’s a girl’s problem, and no one can take it away from us.  I get it; we like to have choices at our fingertips even if that means never wearing those cute bedazzled 5 inch brand-named heels in our closet.

Now that we have understood why most will choose comfort over pain, let’s explore some really cute comfortable shoes in which you can work all day.

Julie Lopez

Gracie Teal Pump Julie Lopez ShoesGracie Raspberry Pump Julie Lopez
Gracie Teal by Julie Lopez
Gracie Raspberry by Julie Lopez

Comfort Features:  All Day F.I.T Patent Pending Technology

– Made in Italy
– WIDE toe box with Elastane especially helpful for those with bunions
– Made with hand selected premium leathers
– Breathable leather lining and footbed
– Texon technology padding added into the platform to maximize comfort and ensure shock absorption in the forefoot regions
– Specially designed vamp to help eliminate pressure in the toe box area
– Leather outersole with non-slip pad


 Victoria Grey Satin Pump Wanderil Victoria Red Satin Pump Wanderil
Victoria Grey Satin by Wanderil
Victoria Red Satin by Wanderil

Comfort Features:  3A Patented Technology and Sollegel Patented Technology

– 100% Artisan Hand Made
– Satin Upper
– Leather Lining for maximum breathability
– Automatic Adjustable Arch Support Component to alleviate pressure on the arch
– Extra Soft Gel Cushioning for shock absorption in the forefoot
– Studies show a 60% reduction in calf muscle strain

Anyi Lu

Camille Black Patent Pump Anyi Lu
Camille by Anyi Lu

Comfort Features:  NASA created Poron Technology

– Made in Italy
– Signature Luxury Collection
– Flexible, Light, Comfortable materials
– Platform made of over an inch of space-age polymer material for memory cushioning and shock-absorption
– Outsole is textured to prevent slipping and provide further buoyancy with each and every step
– Toe box specially designed with extra room to ergonomicaly conform to your feet and prevent toes from squishing
– Cushioned arch-supported footbed prevents foot fatigue and helps in the distribution of weight across the entire footbed
– Heel is balanced perfectly to keep your weight centered and aligned properly, which lets you move with confidence and freedom

True Gault

Beth Anne Pumps True Gault
Beth Anne by True Gault

Comfort Features:  Patented FIT Formula

– Custom make your own shoes tailored to your proper fit with the Patented FIT Formula
– 3D measuring technology to capture the bio-mechanics of your feet for supreme comfort
– Perfectly made shoes to fit like a glove
– 3 STEPS: Fit it, Design it, Own it
– Custom made designs start at $350


 Marine Burgundy Suede Pump Ukies Marine Navy Suede Pump Ukies
Marine Burgundy Suede by Ukies
Marine Navy Suede by Ukies

Comfort Features:  Patented nanoGel® Design

– Fine Italian Leather upper and outsole
– Added arch support for superior comfort
– Contains two layers of shock absorption material and helps redistribute pressure
– Anti-microbial Coolmax keeps your feet odorless, cool, and dry
– The combination of built-in arch support with moisture wicking fabric and UKIES nanoGel® prevents feet from sliding forward
– 1 Year Warranty

What do you think about Tina’s dilemma, ladies?  Tell us, what is your number one issue revolving around the shoes in your closet?  Chime in and let us know on TWITTER at #ShoeDilemma.

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