What Are Your High Heels Saying About You?

What Are Your High Heels Saying About You

You Are What You Wear

Is it true you are what you wear?  Can your choices in fashion reflect your personality, your personal preferences, and your character?  Yes, of course, and we should also take into account other important factors which can affect one’s choices in fashion, such as one’s socio-economic status, culture, societal pressures and norms, and purchasing power… With this said, do you think your style, whether casual or elegant, is an expression of who you are?  Are you what you wear?

The truth is, no matter how you twist the idea, you are judged by your cover (it’s an unfortunate human fallacy).  Take a look at this article in Men’s Health Magazine, What You Can Tell about a Woman from Her Shoes, where the famous author, Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, gives insight about a woman’s personality just by looking at her shoes.  This post states there are three main things you can learn about a woman through the type of shoes she wears:  her confidence level, personality type, and her individual branding.

On this same note, let’s explore the magic behind the types of shoes you select and what they really tell about you…

What Your Heels Say About You

With which heel or heels do you most identify yourself?

1. Stilettos

Fashion forward, assertive, a little sassy… You are confident in your own skin, you love to be social, and you like to tell a story with your fashion.  A good hair day and fresh make-up are essentials, and oh, those nails like to be done routinely too.

2. Kittens

Conservative, fashion interested, and color coordinated… You have tried taller pumps in the past, and they simply don’t do it for you anymore.  You are feminine and enjoy the comfort of shorter heels.  People value your opinion as you are level-headed for the most part.  You care to be on top of fashion, just as long as it jives with your own personal style.

3. Ankle Straps

You are a woman who seeks security in the things you like.  You like jewelry and expensive gifts.  Showing off your legs in heels is appealing to you, but be careful, as your toes must be given the same amount of attention as your legs.  A good-looking polish on those toe nails goes a long way!  Mysterious, strong-willed, and passionate are characteristics of this woman.

Black Ankle Strap Heels4. Wedges

You are a fun person who enjoys fashion and the flexibility of dressing up exactly the way you feel that day.  You don’t like to feel too snug in your clothes, but you can put together a trendy ensemble any given day and look like a million dollars.  You are a busy woman with an agenda, yet you enjoy relaxation as well.  You are intellectual, decisive, and a forward thinker.

Woman Walking in Wedges

5. Chunky Heels

You are spontaneous and exciting!  You will not let anything stop you from having fun. Feeling feminine is important, but also feeling comfortable is equally important to you. You are edgy, and people love your spunk.  Make sure to add more creativity to your wardrobe by adding accessories to it, and you will look FAB!!

6. Pumps

You are a powerful woman and a decision maker.  When you talk, everyone listens.  You are serious about life and your goals and have strong opinions.  Your fashion may seem boring to others, but you don’t care because you switch it up for social engagements and on the weekends and look mighty stylish.  Keep walking classic…

Business Lady in Pumps

7. Sandals

Risk taker, you like to go with the flow… You don’t like being tied down to a schedule or to rigid rules.  You like to do what you please and sometimes without caring what others think.  Lotion your feet nightly to keep their luster, and oh, don’t forget to keep those pretty little toes pedicured!  Just be aware of these 7 Absolute Don’ts While at the Pedicure Spa.

Sexy Summer Sandals

8. Booties

You are introverted and dislike the unexpected.  You like to know in advance what lies ahead… You are cautious and methodical at times.  You are classical, but at times you also have a trendy edge to you.  You work best in your comfort zone, but once in a while, try to get out of your element to express yourself with a different hair style or even with a palette of eye shadow you’ve never tried before.

Model Sitting in Jeans and Booties

9. Platforms

They call you the life of the party!  You can’t wait for the weekend to start to enjoy being outdoors and socialize with friends and even strangers.  You enjoy rounding up your friends for a night out… You love social media, and no one can take you off it.  Be careful with internet dating and with sharing too much of yourself too soon.

Model Wearing Platform Heels

10. Mules

Sophisticated and classic.  You take pleasure in high-end fashion and appreciate a well crafted investment piece.  You admit being high maintenance and enjoy every minute of it.  You’re openly opinionated, and if you’re not careful, you can hurt the feelings of the people you love most.  Simply remember, there’s more to life than the glitz and the glamour… Cheers!

What do you think, Stiletto Doll?!  Do the high heels you wear define your personality and style? Comment, and let us know what your heels say about you!

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