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Have you checked out the ‘Ask Sasha‘ Page on Stiletto Charm?

This feature is an open Q&A platform where you can ask Sasha, the high heel technology expert, questions about which footwear technology may work best with your foot type.

Do you have:

– wide feet
– bunions
– flat, medium, or high arched feet
– plantar fascia
– metatarsalgia

or none of the above but simply want a comfortable approach to wearing high heels?

Do you need:

– extra cushion on the ball and/or heel of the foot
– high arch support
– shock absorption on the ball or heel to help prevent pain
– an extra wide toe box

and need help with finding the right high heels?

For example, our fellow follower, Teresa, asked an important question.  READ ALONG!

Ask Sasha Q&A

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Ask Sasha Link

All you have to do is, Ask Sasha!

1.  Go to:

2.  Click on:  Ask Sasha

3.  Ask your questions!

And we will suggest heels with the pertinent footwear technologies for your pretty little feet to feel stylish and comfortable once again.

Remember, high heels don’t need to be painful…

We want to hear from you!

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    1. Thank-you so much, Anne Anthony! We love Catwalk Clawz because they truly help high heels with gripping on to any surface aiding the Stiletto Doll to walk more securely and confidently in her heels!

      Thank-you for such an amazing and important product!

      — Sasha Charms

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