5 Tips to Prevent Sweaty Feet in High Heels

5 Tips to Prevent Sweaty Feet in High Heels

Have you ever worn high heels and your feet slipped to the front of the toe box all because they were sweaty?  Wasn’t it hard to walk on those heels?

Below we have listed five long term tips to help you with preventing sweaty feet… We could’ve opted in sharing with you some short term tricks like spraying hairspray in your heels to have your feet stick to your heels even if they sweated, but we realize short term solutions only work in the interim and don’t fully work in treating the problem long term wise.  So let’s get down to the REAL five long term TIPS to prevent sweaty feet.  Whatever you do, don’t skip the TIP where we give out the Ultimate SECRET for preventing sweaty feet from slipping forward in those heels…

Read on and don’t skip!

TIP #5:  Seek the Help of Your Podiatrist

Seek a podiatrist if your feet sweat excessively.

If you are experiencing heavy feet sweating, then you might be encountering Plantar Hyperhidrosis – a medical diagnosis for excessive sweating of the feet.  Don’t make the mistake of self-diagnosing.  Consult with your doctor about your concerns, and if you qualify, s/he will determine a treatment plan to help you and may even recommend certain treatments which include prescription antiperspirant, oral medication, or even botox.

Tip #4:  Reduce Your Stress Levels

Reduce Your Stress Levels
Reduce your stress levels to prevent sweaty feet.

The American Podiatric Medical Association states that while physical activity can promote sweaty feet, increased stress levels are a reason for an increase in foot sweat.  For this matter, if you suffer from sweaty feet, try learning how to manage your stress in a more healthy manner to help reduce these occurrences.

TIP #3:  Wear Cotton Tights or Liners

Shoe Liners
Wear cotton tights or liners to keep your feet cool and dry.

Steer away from synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or even acrylic.  These man-made and lab-created fibers lock moisture in, thus increasing the heat and sweat inside your tights and liners.  Instead, look for cotton fibers or even soft linen materials to adorn your pretty little feet.  These natural grown fibers are breathable and a much smarter solution to keeping your feet cool and dry.

TIP #2:  Spray Your Heels with a Disinfectant

Lysol Disinfectant
Use disinfectant to prevent sweat.

Sweat (which is odorless), when mixed with bacteria (the kind your skin produces), creates foot odor.  For this matter, if your feet sweat while in heels, make sure to clean your heels and disinfect them with a bacterial disinfectant to have them clean for the next use.  Do this after each wear, and use as directed for the best results.

TIP #1:  BUY Shoes with Breathable Textiles

So how do you know if the materials of the shoes you are about to purchase are breathable?  Most people wouldn’t know as most aren’t textile experts… The RULE OF THUMB with footwear is look for natural materials, most preferably leathers.  The most breathable and recommended textile for footwear is LEATHER.  This is your safest and most advised bet, as linings and insoles made out of man-made materials such as polyesters or plastics will for sure contribute to your feet sweating and will cause your feet to slide forward causing that slippery slope, messy discomfort.. And oh no, we don’t want this!!!

For this reason, better crafted shoes are made with leather uppers, linings, and insoles. It’s the secret of the trade, My Ladies!!!  Worldwide Footwear Geniuses who understand the engineering of a great pair of shoes will tell you they incorporate leathers in their shoes to maximize the wearer’s comfort.  With a leather toe box, linings, and insole, your feet will feel cooler, less sweaty, and comfortable, and they will stay in their place!

Next time you buy a pair of heels, examine them, and if you find materials that feel slippery and look shiny, you could be coming across a plastic.  Steer away from buying plastic “inner anything!”  To help prevent sweaty feet while in heels, in particular, look for suede leather in the insole area (from heel to toe box areas) and soft butter leathers in the lining areas.  This will help you feel more confident prancing around in your new heels!

These Shoes Prevent Sweaty Feet!!!

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  1. It is amazing that you see uppers made of clear plastic panels in heels being worn at times. You can actually see the condensation of sweat from the outside of the shoe. How gross and how uncomfortable is that. All leather is the way to go!

    Sometimes those no show liners need to be worn in the very humid months for additional comfort.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      We agree with you- all leather is the way to go! Those clear plastic shoes shouldn’t even be made for Summer. Hahahh, yes, it’s gross!!!

      Remember, stick to cotton liners. They are a natural material for moisture wicking. Synthetics will make one’s feet sweat profusely and produce smelly odors.

      Thank-you for chiming in, Sandra! We love your comments…

      Btw, have you checked out this blog about High Heel Solutions for Ball of the Foot Pain?

      Let us know your thoughts!

      — Sasha

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes, indeed! Imagine the so many households who use Lysol to disinfect their kitchens or even their bathrooms? Sweat turned into bacteria in the shoes can be 99% eliminated using Lysol as well! Make sure you read the instructions and use as directed.

      Also, when you go back to wearing the same shoes you disinfected with Lysol, make sure they are 100% dry before you wear them again…

      Good Luck!

      — Sasha Charms