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Welcome to the all-inclusive forum for all high performance high heels (comfortable heels).  This space has been put together with you and your pretty little feet in mind; for the career woman who wears heels all week long, for the happy hour social butterfly who dolls up, for all ladies who wear heels and have complained at least once about how much those pumps hurt all night long.  Ouuuch!!!

Yes, you that beautiful lady who sacrifices being on the balls of her feet for hours at a time simply to get a temporary Brazilian butt-lift, look dazzling in that little black dress, or get the attention of the stunning guy in front of you at the grocery store.  Oooops!!!

Black Dress Heels
Photograph by blueskyimage

It truly doesn’t matter the reason why you can’t stay off those heels.  The reality is you look slender, attractive, and sexy when you put those pumps on, and you feel like conquering the world-the first hour in them, that is.  But you try, and you walk in those
stilettos as if they don’t hurt when they are truly killing your every cellular action in your feet.  But you suck it up, all to appear glamorous and confident.  Then you glance and see the closest chair, sofa, or bench, and all you want to do is sit down and take a sigh of relief.  And when you least expect it, you repeat the same over again the next Friday night while out on a hot date, almost as if you forgot the pain you underwent in those beautiful but awful pumps the week before.  But you look good, and that’s all that matters!!!

It’s a rough paradise strolling on heels!  But now you have an ally-Stiletto Charm.  We designed this forum with you and your style and comfort in mind.

High Heels by the Water
Photograph by Kaspars Grinvalds

When we say comfortable, we mean state of the art comfortable.  We showcase high performance high heels from top footwear designers worldwide who particularly specialize in comfort technologies.  These are designers who have poured millions into research to bring to you the fatigue resistant formula for high heel wear.  We strongly believe high heel comfort is made in the laboratory and nowhere else.  Can you imagine what can be said when a team of engineers, bio-mechanics, foot surgeons, and orthopedic doctors all work on a pair of high heels to architect the next most comfortable pair of heels? Exactly!!!  Ladies, these designers work with the most elite professionals in the industry to bring you the best gravity defiant high heels in the market.

Roccamore Shoes Technology

Roccamore Technology

You will realize, once trying one of these designer-made and technology-infused high heel shoes, you’ll know what true designer luxury high heels really feel like.  Don’t only take our word for it, try these designer heels for yourself!!!  Shop High Performance High Heels

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